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Playing – and Winning – the Story Game at the Highest Levels…

If you’ve taken the Philosophy Techniques in Story class, you know that winning the story game is all about expressing advanced theme through complex plot

You also know that the way you do that is by adding philosophy to your story. 

And to your life!

You’ve already learned a slew of techniques that have made a big improvement in the two crucial elements of plot and theme.

Clearly, applying the powerful techniques has given you tremendous progress for your writing, your thinking, and your life. 

Knowing how to think will particularly help with your plot development AND the Detective genre. 

Knowing how to live will help specifically with *believable* character development.

So it may shock you to hear me make the following remarkable statement: 

we are nowhere close to mastering all the techniques that will
give you complex plot and advanced theme and put you in the
top 1% of writers worldwide who are writing the stories that
create the culture. -

We have to do much more.

If you want to go from progress to greatness, you have to write what I call:

The Grand Tapestry

What does this mean?

In any story that is going to work at the top professional level, you have to connect hundreds of story elements into a beautifully woven tapestry. 

Not just all the beats of 2-4 genres, but the elements of premise, the 7 steps, the 22 steps, a complex character web, the moral dilemmas and the revelations, symbol, and theme, all sequenced in a scene list to create the maximum narrative drive, all condensed down, in miniature, into scene and dialogue.

It’s all about seeing your story as a grand system, a Grand Tapestry of complex plot and advanced theme that overwhelms the reader with power and pleasure. 

Will learning how to play the story game at this elite level mean a lot of hard work for you?

You bet. 

Bottom line: if you want to be significant in the storytelling industry, you have to be at least as good as the best. 

If you want to create a worldwide brand for your work, and for yourself, this is the only way you can do it. 

No matter what you think you’ve done so far, you’re not ready to win this game yet. Because whatever you’ve done, it hasn’t been enough. 

That’s why the class, The Grand Tapestry: Advanced Philosophy Techniques, was born.

In this class, I’ll show you how to write a magnificent tapestry found only in the great stories. 

They’re also stories with the best chance of selling, and selling big.

This means gaining the wisdom to write such a story and live a life of equal greatness.

These are techniques that have the power to fundamentally change your writing and your life.

It’s all about writing and living the grand tapestry.

Here’s how the class works:

• 5 live sessions in 7+ hours recorded on video for later review.

• Each session covers top techniques for how to express advanced theme through complex plot so you can write a great story in any medium.

• All techniques are profound but also expressed in easy-to-understand bullet points you can apply right away. 

• For each idea, you will learn techniques for: 

1. how to live -
2. how to think -
3. how to write  -

• You also get access to our private Facebook group, Truby Philosophy, to share and exchange ideas. 

• Each session is one step in a focused sequence for each writer to create their own unique story brand, which can be produced and/or published when the work is finished.

Bonus – free Genre Class

Because genre is going to be an important part of writing the Grand Tapestry, I want you to get an early start on learning the story elements of the genre that will be the foundation of your story.

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So let’s review...

Limited Time Only, registration is open for 

Writing the Grand Tapestry: 
Advanced Philosophy Techniques

Limited time discounted price to you, today: $697
(This will go up when it is released more widely in recorded format).

You will receive: 

5 online classes in 7+ hours of video classes that will walk you through how to write the grand tapestry found only in the greatest and most popular stories.

You will also learn how to apply these same philosophical principles to your life. 

These are the ADVANCED ideas that every story must have to put you in the top 1% and forge a brand that makes you stand out from every other writer in the world.

This material is completely new. No one else is teaching it.

Go ahead and change your writing future by registering here for just $697:

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Here are just a few of the top-line topics we will cover in the 5 sessions for writing, thinking, and living:

The Grand Tapestry: Writing

• How to make Narrative Drive speed up as you get to the end of the story

• How to create complex Plot Tapestry without losing Narrative Drive

• Advanced Narrative Drive Techniques: Crosscut vs. Vortex Point 

• Compressing the System into a Scene

• Character Fractals and Plot Fractals: the revolutionary techniques that make The Grand Tapestry possible

• How to make the crucial jump from Punch/Counterpunch to Scene Weave

• The Rule of 3 and why it will always be one of the best techniques in story

• Key plot and thematic techniques for both Advanced and Epic storytelling 

• Story World = Hero: the key to world building

The Grand Tapestry: Thinking 

• 10 Greatest Ideas in history and why they still make all the difference in the world

• Biggest Errors of the Mind and how they ruin your life

• What is the “Original Sin” of the Mind and how do you avoid it

• The all-powerful Rule of 4

• How Fractals can change the way you see the world

• How Prisoner’s Dilemma explains the way we live and think today

• The Fallacy of Smell the Roses and what works instead

The Grand Tapestry: Living

• The Philosophical System that’s embedded in the Story Code

• Epicureanism vs. Stoicism and why each is valuable

• The Moral Code: key to a great story and a great life

• The Paradox of Limited Choice 

• How the Limited Time Concept can actually improve your life

• The Path to Happiness: it’s not as hard as you think

These 5 classes will give you the techniques so you can win the story game at the highest levels.  

It’s not enough for you to have the desire and the talent. You have to know the techniques. You have to have the skills.

Don’t miss this opportunity to raise your storytelling skills into the top 1%, while gaining wisdom that can change your life for the better.

Go ahead and register here:

To writing smart,   

John Truby 

Story coach to film and TV writers, studios, and best-selling novelists  
Truby’s Writers Studio 

PS. This material is completely new. No one else is teaching it.  

Go ahead and change your writing future, by registering here for the discounted price of just $697:


Free Genre Class, so you can get a head start on learning the story elements of the genre that will be the foundation of your story.