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Truby Anatomy of Story Program

Here’s how it works:  

  • You get access to 12 modules of the Truby Anatomy of Story Class on video.
  • Each session covers top professional techniques of a key story element you must master in order to write a great novel.
  • At the end of each lesson, you get assignments to help you write your story from the ground up.
  • You will also have special access to a bonus session for each class where I give writers detailed feedback on story problems and suggestions for how to fix them.
  • By listening to me deconstruct work and provide writers solutions to their story problems, you avoid fatal mistakes, increase your own storytelling ability ten fold, and create your best work yet.
  • If you're reviewing 30 different stories dealing with one step every session, imagine how fast you'll approach the storytelling ability of the top professionals. How many years would you have to spend in a professional writers room to see this many stories worked on and fixed at a structural level?
  • The sessions are designed to correct the story problems writers have most often. They will train you in the powerful process of fixing your own story issues so you can apply this knowledge to anything you write in the future.
  • Each session is one step in a focused sequence helping you create your own unique story brand.

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