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When: June 30th, 2021 @ 12pm Pacific Time

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• The biggest problem in popular story today (specifically for screenplay)

• The #1 misconception writers have about selling their script

• Why narrative drive is the most important aspect of ANY story you write. (Nail this and 80% of your work is done!)

• Strategies used by 
-J.R.R. Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings, and 
-Suzanne Collins in the Hunger Games trilogy that create blockbuster stories.  

• The single most important set of Plot Techniques for professional storytelling

• Why the hero’s journey and 3-act structure won’t begin to do the job at the professional level 

• The one story element Hollywood looks for in a script that’s more important than all other story elements combined

• How to create a Desire Line that MAXIMIZES the narrative drive

• Where 99% of stories fail - and why

• The all-important connection between Narrative Drive and Opponent (no one else in story is teaching this, though this is one of my favorite techniques which can make or destroy a novel)

• Why adequate Conflict is one of the keys to great Narrative Drive (and the component that gives you the ability to accelerate it towards the finish line)

• How Narrative Drive changes based on your Genre 

• Which Characters promote Narrative Drive, and which don’t (knowing this, you can put your focus on the 20% that is going to make 80% of the difference to the power of your story) 

• Why Story World is the biggest enemy of Narrative Drive, and yet a VITAL component to your voice… and then knowing how to make them work together for maximum impact 

• how to create Plot that increases narrative drive