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How to Write Screenplays that
Agents Want to Represent and
Producers Want to Buy 

Keep Reading to Learn the Professional Writing Techniques Used to Generate Billions at the Box Office… 

Imagine, producing the following results: 

Dax Snaer  

“Your program cuts the writing time to a tenth, and allows me to write more compelling and visceral stories that draw attention. 

Recently one of the writers in the program, Paul Allen, completed a screenplay using this process that got to the quarterfinals in the Blue Cat Competition.

Needless to say, many writers are not experiencing a win-win situation like this in their writing life. 

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar: 

  • Your story dies in the middle and you have no idea what to do about it.  
  •  After years of hard work, you have a number of scripts or books just sitting on your shelf.  
  •  You have no agent.  
  •  You’re not getting paid a dime for what you write. 

Most of the time, these problems come from NOT knowing how to generate intense NARRATIVE DRIVE through a complex plot.  

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way! 

But the solution isn’t to just try harder and do more.  

You have to write better.  

You have to write smarter.

And that means using industry level writing techniques, straight out of the writers' room.

Enter: the Anatomy of Story Class 

The Anatomy of Story Class is the de facto system for writing compelling screenplays that encompasses every story component you can imagine. 

Why does it work so well?  

It all has to do with the beauty of the Anatomy of Story SYSTEM.  

Using the system, you will be stepped through the professional writing techniques that will produce a screenplay with the VITAL ELEMENTS and enough NARRATIVE DRIVE to keep your readers glued to the page

Here’s how it works: 

  • You get access to 12 modules of the Truby Anatomy of Story Class on video. 
  • Each session covers top professional techniques of a key story element you must master to write a compelling screenplay.  
  • At the end of each lesson, you have assignments to help you write your story from the ground up. 
  • You will also have special access to a BONUS session for each class where I gave writers detailed feedback on story problems and suggestions for how to fix them. (It’s essentially a masterclass after each actual class). 
  • By listening to me deconstruct work and provide writers solutions to their story problems, you get the inside track on how to avoid fatal mistakes, increase your own storytelling ability ten fold, and create your best work yet. 
  • If you’re reviewing 30 different stories dealing with one step every session, imagine how fast you’ll approach the storytelling ability of the top professionals. How many years would you have to spend in a professional writer’s room to see this many stories worked on and fixed at a structural level? 
  • The sessions are designed to correct the story problems screenwriters have most often. They will train you in the powerful process of fixing your own story issues so you can apply this knowledge to anything you write in the future.  
  • This is a skill that no one can take away from you. No matter what.  
  • Each session is one step in a focused sequence helping you create your own unique story brand. (Your voice is what gets you writing jobs.) 

Go ahead and change your writing future by registering here for just $597:

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 (the next page will walk you through whether you want to pay in full __ _ or use a payment plan)

So let’s review...

Limited Time Only, registration is open for the Truby Anatomy of Story Program.  

For just $597, you will receive:  

12 online classes that will walk you through the Truby Story system blueprint, so you can write your story, building it up piece by piece. 

Homework to help you craft your story from premise all the way to writing full scenes and dialogue. 

Bonus masterclass sessions - for each class - where I talk about real stories at that particular step in the writing process. 

You will also learn new techniques that I teach in the first part of every live session that will take your story, and your craft, to a new level. 

This is material I don't share anywhere else.

Go ahead and change your writing future by registering here for just $597:

 (the next page will walk you through whether you want to pay in full __ _ or use a payment plan)

Warning: By registering for the Truby Anatomy of Story Video Class you will drastically improve your craft and accelerate your mastery through listening to my comments on other writers’ work. Here are the top-line topics we cover in the 12 modules.  

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of their labels.

We do a deep dive and uncover multiple, sophisticated techniques on each of these:  

1. Premise 2. 7 Steps 3. Genres 4. Character Web 5. Plot 1 6. Plot 2 7. Plot 3 8. Plot 4 9. Story World 10. Scene List 11. Dialogue 1 12. Dialogue 2  

These 12 modules will step you through a powerful writing process to map, then write a screenplay that readers can’t put down, and get you on your way to creating your unique story brand.

Go ahead and register here:

Yes, let me join!

To writing smart,  

John Truby  

Story coach to film and TV writers, studios, and best-selling novelists Truby’s Writers Studio