In Module 1 you’ll find the perfect structure for your story and create the characters the reader cares enough about, not just for this novel but for a whole series of novels.  

In Module 2 you will learn:  

- the special plot techniques of the novel, so you can create a complex plot with fantastic narrative drive, every time. 

 - all the tricks to Point of View, among the most important techniques in the novel form.  

Module 3 (I like to call this module: How to write the Great American Novel!) This module will show you:  

- the key techniques for adapting your novel to screenplay, and vice versa, so you can have multiple revenue streams in a transmedia world.  

- the 8 ESSENTIAL techniques for writing a novel of such high quality it immediately sets you and your writing above the crowd  

- how to establish your story brand as one of the best in the world. 

In Module 4 you’ll learn:  

- the essential prose techniques that will make your words sing and make readers tell others how beautiful your writing is.  

- the all-important BUSINESS of Novel writing, because you can’t just write a great novel, you have to get it out there in the marketplace. (I’m sure you want to be one of the authors that is handsomely rewarded for all the blood, sweat and tears you pour onto the keyboard!)  

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“John’s teaching is life changing for any writer. He’s a Master Teacher and you know he cares deeply for writers and a writer’s success. Every aspect of my writing and storytelling has improved because of John Truby.” Toni