[Download] Story Rescue Worksheet

(even if you think your story is already pretty hot)

Run your existing story through this worksheet to quickly and easily increase its sizzle and substance 10 fold.
Studios want a story that flies by at maximum speed, and this worksheet will give you the adjustments that will make your script do just that.

With this powerful Story Rescue Worksheet, you will learn how to:

  • Harness the #1 story element studios look for in a screenplay (and how to adjust your script to emphasize this element with surgical precision!)
  • Turn your story into a dangerously engrossing page-turner using unstoppable narrative drive
  • Give your story a spine on which you can hang every other story element (this guarantees the story to work)
  • The little-known techniques of setting up the right opponent (this will give your story incredible punch - more than any other element)

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Download the Worksheet:
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